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What is Makeup Mirror

Design Inspiration of Ballet Mirror

Ladies are never deficient in the pursuit of beauty. Every graceful and confident lady is like a nimble ballerina in the spotlight. The design of the Ballet Mirror was inspired by ballet dancers. The zinc holder of the Ballet Mirror is like the tiptoe of the dancer. The head-up switch design is just like the dance rises her head.

3-color Lights & Multifunctional Usage

The unique 35 cold light beads and 35 warm light beads allow Ballet Mirror to switch among cold light, warm light and natural light to balance the effects of ambient lights. Ballet Mirror can also be disassembled for use to hang on the wall to meet the needs of multiple scenarios.

Head-up switch & Rotary Stepless dimming

Turn on the LED light by heading-up the mirror slightly and then feel the halo beauty! Gently rotate the mirror to the left / right to adjust light brightness / colors easily. Stepless dimming technology supports gentle light changes without causing damage to the eyes.

7x Magnifying Mirror

Details determine levels. Perfect makeup look is the unremitting pursuit of every girl. Equipped with a magnetic 7x magnifying mirror, Ballet Mirror perfectly holds the makeup for eyes and lips in details. An real expert in cloaking pores!

Types Of Makeup Mirror

JiuJiu Mirror

 Design Inspiration of Jiujiu Mirror
Dual-axis Adjustment Design
Smart Sensor Base
3-color Lights & Stepless Dimming

YoYo Mirror

 Design Inspiration of YoYo Mirror
Dual-axis Adjustment Design
3-color Lights & Stepless Dimming
Magnetic Suction Base
5x Magnifying Mirror

Q Mirror

 Design Inspiration of Q Mirror
Stepless Dimming with Brightness Memory
Rechargeable for Continuous Use
3x Magnifying Mirror

Hollywood Mirror

 Design Inspiration of Hollywood Mirror
19-Inch HD Silver Plated Mirror
Stepless Dimming & Soft Light Bulbs
Full Metal Cladding & 360° Rotary

Advantages Of Makeup Mirror

Used Makeup Mirror Case

  • How to buy our company’s FASCINATE mirrors?

    We have displayed our company’s makeup mirrors on our company’s website. If you want to buy, you can click on the relevant products to order. We have professional pre-sales and after-sales services. If you have any questions, please consult us.
  • What are the differences between our company’s makeup mirrors?

    Our company's FASCINATE mirrors all meet the above requirements, the difference lies in their size and appearance. Some makeup mirrors are more portable, some are square and some are round. You can choose the makeup mirror you need according to your needs. We are confident in the quality of our products.
  • What are the criteria for choosing a makeup mirror?

    1) There are also professional lighting standards for makeup and skincare. According to China's national standard of beauty environment, the illuminance of the dressing room shall not be less than 500 lux, and the illumination of the makeup room needs to be higher than 900 lux. Our company's FASCINATE mirrors can guarantee that the illuminance of the makeup artist is higher than 900 lux.
    2) Normal indoor fluorescent lamps are mainly cold white light. This kind of cooler light is similar to the light in the early morning or winter evening. When the brightness is not enough, it is easy to draw makeup that looks too thick under natural light. The warm yellow light that is often too heavy in restaurants is slightly dimmed, making the overall makeup less colorful. Therefore, when the natural light is insufficient and artificial light is needed to supplement it, it is necessary to choose the one that can simulate pure natural light to the greatest extent, and the cold and warm light interweave.
    3) The quality of the lamp beads of some makeup mirrors is not good enough, it hurts the eyes, and it can't be illuminated clearly, and the feeling of use will be very poor. The less flicker, the softer and purer the light, and the higher the comfort level. The Improper light wave design of artificial light sources can also cause radiation exposure to human eyes and skin. Therefore, it is also important to have photobiological safety certification.
    4) Endurance is also a very important criterion. Our company's FASCINATE mirrors have a longer battery life, so you can use them with confidence.
  • How to choose a good makeup mirror?

    I believe many people have such an unpleasant experience-after working hard for more than an hour of makeup, I was told by a friend that the foundation was applied like flour, and the face and neck were different in color. What are the factors that cause this makeup effect? It is because the indoor light is too dim and does not match the ambient light. When putting on makeup, if the light is not good, it will be easy to use too much force. The makeup drawn in this way is not only not delicate but also very laborious. Then the luminous makeup mirror can solve this problem well. I’d like to expand on our company’s FASCINATE mirrors to help you have a better understanding of different makeup mirrors.

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