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Where are the makeup mirrors' name come from

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Where are the makeup mirrors' name come from

As the increasing demands of people, a lot of intelligent mirrors have been in use for many years. Now the new type of mirror called makeup mirror with lights is catching people’s eyes and as so their shapes and types are becoming various. So, what are the types of makeup mirrors with lights? Don’t worry, let’s look at the following.

Where are the makeup mirrors names come from?

Where are the makeup mirrors’ names come from?

1. The design of the Moon mirror: Entry luxury life begins from a smart LED makeup mirror. A multi-functional product is a perfect combination of creating innovation and technology. Moon mirror is not only your beauty expert but also your best entertainment companion. High-quality Bluetooth speaker and desk lamp functions offer you a warm and soothing atmosphere to relieve fatigue and refresh yourselves for the whole day. 60+18 pcs of LED beads with a chemical soft layer leads to the lights from the makeup mirror to be evenly applied to the face. Cold light, warm light, and natural light can be fixed freely to balance the effects of ambient lights. Stepless dimming technology supports gentle light changes instead of causing damage to the eyes. The best aspect is that this kind of makeup mirror with lights has a Bluetooth speaker function. Moon Mirror supports Bluetooth connection with mobile phones so that you can answer the phone and chat with friends freely during using the mirror. With 360° surround sound, the Moon mirror perfectly extends the ultimate makeup experience. Women can enjoy charming music during their makeup. Meanwhile, this kind of makeup mirror with a light support desk lamp function can rotate the mirror  90°, and will easily start the lamp function. The special circular soft light from the special 18 pcs of LED beads reduces the shadow and enhances the reading experience. A full day, a warm night, and a good life!

2. Q mirror: “Ultra-thin and convenient, anytime and anywhere can enjoy the beauty" is the demanding of modern and fashionable young groups. When we are outdoors or we plan to go to parties, we certainly need a mini and smart makeup mirror to maintain our beautiful appearance. Q mirror is 90mm and is very suitable in this situation! Q mirror has a brightness memory function so that each time when the light is turned on, it will automatically restore the brightness of the use last time rather than without repeated dimming. Stepless dimming technology supports gentle light changes instead of making damages to the eyes.

Fascinate, an international brand that has 16 years of industry accumulation and now has been devoted to providing high-end LED Makeup Mirrors, LED Home Decoration Mirrors, and High-tech Smart Mirrors. They attach great significance to independent technological innovation and actively protect intellectual property rights. Fascinate team has been working hard to achieve hundreds of independent intellectual patents, international awards, and industrial certificates. If you are interested or have problems with their products, you can contact them.


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