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The Reasons Why You Should Choose Moon Mirror

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The Reasons Why You Should Choose Moon Mirror

Red dot Design Awards Bluetooth Speaker Lamp Mirror LED Vanity Table Mirror 3 in 1 Desktop Cosmetic Lighting Mirror Music Lamp Mirror Brightness Adjustable. 

Surprisingly multifunctional product design, you can listen to songs while putting on makeup, making life full of ritual!

Turn on the lamp, the light is soft and does not hurt your eyes. Your beauty is illuminated in the dark. Three light colors can be switched freely, the appropriate light source makes your makeup more natural.360-degree surround sound, giving you a better makeup experience. With a magnetic 7 times magnifying glass, it is clearer to draw eyeshadow and lipstick to meet different makeup needs. Built-in 3000 mAh lithium battery, it can be used for 7 days with one charge. Exquisite gift packaging, a decent gift.

The details of functions and features are as follows:

HD Mirror: Diameter 20cm full glass without Pb Mirror.

High Definition and beauty. Much more meet the mirror requirement of beauty.

Three Lighting Mode: You can choose a suitable lighting mode freely. Cold light is suit to occupation makeup. Natural light is suit to daily and travel makeup. Warm light is suit to dinner and date makeup.

Night Lamp: The back of mirror is transparent glossy design, makes lamp a high brightness for using. When the mirror is placed perpendicular to the base, it can be used as a desk lamp for direct lighting.

Bluetooth Speaker: This Mirror built-in high quality stereo Bluetooth Speaker, enjoying your favorite music while making up.


Don't wait ladies,Moon Mirror will sure be a good choice for you!


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