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How do cosmetic mirrors magnify?

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How do cosmetic mirrors magnify?

A lot of people are looking for cosmetic mirrors which can let them zoom in on their beautiful face to flawlessly apply makeup. Magnifying mirrors which make the very best cosmetic mirrors, come with magnification levels that can let you get up close and personal with your face. So, you may wonder how do cosmetic mirrors magnify. Don’t worry, the following tips will tell you the reasons.

How do cosmetic mirrors magnify?

Today’s cosmetic mirrors have a wide range of magnification options. Depending on where you place the mirror: On a table or countertop or mounted on a wall. You may need lower or higher magnification. Only you can decide how close you want your close-up. You may even end up choosing a cosmetic mirror with multiple magnifications. But the first question to ask is: how big a view do you want to see?

A 15x magnifying glass is sometimes too close for comfort. You probably don’t need that level of big. Think about what you want to use your cosmetic mirror for, and decide which magnification is best. Magnification is easy to understand, but a little hard to imagine. For example, if you use a magnifying glass 5 times, your face will be magnified 5 times to life-size. But how does that translate to what you see in the mirror? What magnification do you need for your cosmetic mirror?

①2 x magnification: This magnification level increases the image size to a minimum, so it is best suited to people with near or perfect vision. 2x magnifier is usually used for powders and quick retouching. With good eyesight, you won’t see much difference, so you may decide to go higher.

② 5 x magnification: Affordable and easy to find, available in a variety of styles and sizes, 5x is the most commonly used magnification. It is the most popular cosmetic mirror and is perfect for wearing contact lenses. For most people, a cosmetic mirror is a must, and if you only need one magnification, 5x is probably the best choice.

③ 7 and 8 x magnification: Higher magnification requires a larger mirror to get the sharpest close-up view. 360° rotating double-sided base mirror, one side is normal magnification, the other side magnification view is great. They allow you to see your full face on the standard view side. Perfect for precision makeup.

④ 10 times or more: These levels of magnification are very high, ultra-high levels require the largest mirror. Most people are uncomfortable with this intensity, but people with poor or deteriorating vision may need a 10x or 15x magnifying glass, which can zoom in very close to a small part of the face. Magnify your face 10 times so you can see every pore and eyebrow.

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