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How can they be produced?

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How can they be produced?

When you start to buy makeup mirrors with lights, you may consider how can they be produced and what are their names come from. Their names are very interesting. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you some information about them one by one in the following tips.

What are their names come from and how can they be produced?

What are their names come from and how can they be produced?

1. YoYo mirror: The design inspiration of YoYo Mirror has always been the driving force of product evolution and the ultimate pursuit of people’s life. YOYO mirror combines desktop mirror and handheld mirror into one, which is very convenient for customers to use in a variety of positions. It won the German Red Dot Design Award in 2019.3 color lighting and stepless dimming. The 62 LED beads have a chemically soft layer that spreads the light from the mirror evenly across the face. Cold light, warm light, and natural light can be switched freely to balance the effect of ambient light. Stepless dimming technology supports gentle light changes without causing damage to their eyes. Magnetic suction base YoYo mirror one key control, long press can be opened/closed. The magnetic suction base allows women to easily use the mirror at any angle, in any position, with no dead ends. At the same time, you can switch between the table mirror and the handheld mirror freely. The perfect makeup mirror look is every girl’s unremitting pursuit. The YoYo Mirror is equipped with a magnetic 5x magnifying glass for perfect eye and lip makeup details. The real expert in hiding pores!

2.JiuJiu mirror: Simplicity is the ultimate embodiment of high-quality life for fashion groups. Jiujiu mirror adopts a biaxial adjustment design, with a unique 8-inch mirror, the appearance of a simple atmosphere. It is the best choice of makeup mirrors with lights for the fashion crowd. The "S" shape is the perfect expression of a woman’s curves. Humanized biaxial adjustment design allows women to freely adjust the comfortable Angle when using the mirror without slouching. Delicate makeup, perfect posture in control! Intelligent control base, simple operation. Refuse to stick fingerprints on the  makeup mirror and keep the mirror clean at all times. Light color and brightness can be adjusted freely. 80 HD LED lamp beads using 360-degree multi-point control technology, forming an annular light strip, uniform guidance of the light, perfect restoration of the real sunlight effect. Cold light, warm light, and natural light can be switched freely in order to balance the effect of ambient light.

Fascinate, an international brand that has 16 years of industry accumulation and now has been devoted to providing high-end LED Makeup Mirrors, LED Home Decoration Mirrors, and High-tech Smart Mirrors. They attach great significance to independent technological innovation and actively protect intellectual property rights. Fascinate team has been working hard to achieve hundreds of independent intellectual patents, international awards, and industrial certificates. If you are interested or have problems with their products, you can contact them.


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