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How To Choose The Most Suitable Makeup Mirror?

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How To Choose The Most Suitable Makeup Mirror?

Makeup Mirrors come in a dizzying variety of sizes and types. What size mirror is best for makeup? How to choose the right size mirror for yourself?

Mirror Effect

When choosing beauty makeup mirrors, the most important thing to consider is: how does your face appear in the mirror? Based on this point, the first question is to buy a standard mirror or a concave mirror (magnifying mirror)?

A. Standard Mirror: the length (width) of the mirror should be at least 1/2 of the length (width) of the face,  

so that one can see her full face in the mirror. Make sure to know your face size before choosing the

right makeup mirror.

B. Concave Mirror: the image effects of the mirrors are different with different magnifications:

a. 2x-3x Magnifying Mirrors

The magnifying mirrors in this range are the best for those who enjoy make up, but are not overly

sophisticated. When applying makeup, you can see "the whole face" but the mirror doesn't

over-magnify pores and textures, and the facial effect is minimized. Men can also use it as a shaving mirror.

concave mirror

b. 5x Magnifying Mirrors

This multiples mirror is perfect for cleansing pores, or a delicate makeup for detail areas. But the 5x magnifying mirror image does not support to see the full face.

The actual size of the mirror is the absolute factor affecting the display of the mirror. The larger the mirror size, the clearer the effect will be, no matter it is a standard mirror or a magnifying mirror.

14 拷贝

Usage Scenario

A. Applying Makeup Anytime, Anywhere

I believe there sure will be a pocket makeup mirror in every girl's bag, mini and do not occupy space. When we have a requirement on makeup outdoors, we need to choose a small size mirror which is convenient to carry. Whether you put it the bag or pocket, you can apply makeup in any place.

Pocket makeup mirror

Pocket makeup mirror recommended : FASCINATE Q Mirror.

B. Home use Desktop Makeup Mirror

Desktop mirror takes up some space relatively. But if you need a mirror that large enough for full face makeup without the need to take it out, a desktop makeup mirror at home is a good option. It can be used in a flexible indoor scene and can adapt to multiple angles of makeup. Compared to bathroom mirror, desktop makeup mirror is more convenient to use.

desktop makeup mirror

Desktop makeup mirror recommended : FASCINATE Ballet Mirror.

C. Travelling Makeup Mirror
Imagine, in a limited suitcase space, you would be willing to use a large mirror to take up your valuable space? Of course not. Our first consideration is whether the mirror is light enough. A mini pocket mirror or a foldable mirror would be a good choice for travelling.

Travelling Makeup Mirror

Portable travel Mirror Recommended : FASCINATE YoYo Mirror.

In a word, some people care about convenience and practicality, while others care about exquisite design. Choosing how big the size of the mirror depends on our own requirements. But we believe that know a little more about makeup mirrors, will be easier for you to get the suitable makeup mirrors.

Professional and fashionable vanity mirror brand recommendation:

FASCINATE Vanity Mirror, a vanity mirror leader brand of the industry for 16 years ! For more information, please click the link below :


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