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5 Things to Know Before Buying a Compact Travel Mirror for Your Trip

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5 Things to Know Before Buying a Compact Travel Mirror for Your Trip

A travel magnifying make-up mirror is the ideal way to go when you're planning a trip or on the run. Because of the nature of being on the road, it's critical to pick a model that fits your personality while also remaining durable enough to keep up with you. Most travel mirrors have multiple choices, allowing them to be used as a makeup or portable mirror. If you're not sure what to look for in a compact travel make-up mirror, keep reading to learn how to pick the best one.

1. Consider size and weight

2. Small doesn’t mean less powerful

3. Avoid distortion

4. Consider a lighting source

5. Don’t forget… You are traveling


1. Consider size and weight

Compact travel mirrors come in a variety of sizes and forms, but the majority are compact and designed to be portable. Compact travel mirrors will be hand-held and smaller. They're convenient for putting on makeup on the go, but if you need your hands free, look for a model with a portable stand.

By reducing the dimensions, you might find one that will fit easily in your bag. There are many high-quality choices available that weigh less than a pound and fold up like a compact. Larger travel mirrors with its carrying bag are also available for easy storage.


2. Small doesn’t mean less powerful

The benefit of a compact travel magnifying mirror is that it doesn't have to be large to function. You can easily get magnification of 5, 7, or even 10 times, which is great for life on the road while still allowing you to see the details you want on your face. Amplification of 5 to 7 times should suffice for most make-up applications. However, if you wear glasses or have vision problems, a higher magnification may be required.


3. Avoid distortion

Look for a mirror with “low distortion” or “distortion-free” glass in a travel cosmetics mirror. Because you'll have a limited viewing area, you'll want to make sure the reflection area is of high quality so you can see and perfect every last detail when putting your makeup.


4. Consider a lighting source

When you're on vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is the lighting or location when applying make-up or doing other grooming rituals. When considering a travel mirror with a light source, make sure you can see yourself whether you're in the back of a cab, in the toilet before a meeting, or at the airport. In most cases, LED light sources are sufficient for bright natural lighting.


5. Don’t forget… You are traveling

A broken mirror is said to bring seven years of bad luck. When you're on a trip, the last thing you need is bad luck on top of shards of glass in your luggage. When you're on the run, you need a bag that's both durable and portable. Look for the terms "shatter resistant" or "shatter proof."


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