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Why do you need a smart mirror?

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Why do you need a smart mirror?

Make-up, shopping, and selfies are things that most women usually do in their leisure time, but the problem is that no matter how good they make up at home when they go out for selfies, they find that the light is not the same as their own makeup. This is because of the different environments. Caused by different levels of light. Everything is developing in the direction of intelligence, and the smart mirror sounds like a magic mirror in a fairy tale. It is actually a new discovery of people's exploration of the future world. In this new world, screens and data are everywhere, providing you with any services you need at any time. The smart makeup mirror can automatically simulate the light and give you satisfactory makeup. In addition, the smart makeup mirror can also achieve many smart functions, I will introduce you in detail.

Here is the list of the article:

  • What are the unique advantages of smart makeup mirrors?

  • What’s the working principle of smart makeup mirrors?

  • How to buy the FASCINATE mirror?

What are the unique advantages of smart makeup mirrors?

1. The smart makeup mirror is equipped with a series of sensors that can detect the unique skin condition of your face, and then distribute the appropriate eye cream, moisturizer, toner, sunscreen or other topical skincare solutions on your face according to the calculation. This is not only scientific It protects the skin and also helps to choose cosmetics.

2. It can display the weather and time. This smart mirror can be connected to the Internet and can update the time and weather. While putting on makeup, it will perform intelligent calculations to guide you in makeup and skincare, so that you can be dry or humid, sunny Sufficient, or rainy days to get the best skincare advice.

3.The magic mirror’s waterproof and temperature control technology guarantees that it can be stored at any place you need.

4.You can talk to the magic mirrors while making up, which provides you fun. The smart mirror also allows you to play music, chase drama, check the weather, etc. while putting on makeup, and use the voice function to speak your instructions while putting on makeup.

What’s the working principle of smart makeup mirrors?

The working principle of the smart makeup mirror is to add the mirror display and human-mirror interaction functions to the mirror by embedding the display screen, sensor, and operating system in the traditional mirror. Users can wake up the magic mirror system and control smart home devices through touch, human body induction, or voice recognition.

How to buy the FASCINATE mirror?

There are two kinds of smart mirrors in our company, you can select the FASCINATE mirror according to your requirements. Each mirror has its unique advantages, and the details are listed on our website, you can read the details before choosing. If you have problems, you are supposed to contact us, we will provide our best service for you.


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