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What to Look For in a LED Compact Mirror?

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What to Look For in a LED Compact Mirror?

When it comes to makeup application, natural lighting is the greatest option. Unfortunately, not all of our homes have large windows, much less abundant light. We identified the best-lighted compact mirrors for flawless makeup application every time to aid with your cosmetics-lighting difficulties.For the next best thing to doing your makeup by the window, look for models that replicate natural light—some are even adjustable for sunny or gloomy days. You might also want a LED compact mirror that can be plugged in while in use so that it doesn't die midway though applying eyeliner. Finally, you want something that will look excellent on your dressing table, right? Fortunately, the majority have a simple, elegant design.


1. Compact mirrors with mimics natural light.

2. Rechargeable via USB 

3. Looking for a sleek design?

4. Do lighted compact mirrors work well? 

5. Are LED lights the best for a compact mirror? 


1. Compact mirrors with mimics natural light.

Look for compact lit mirrors that simulate natural light to get the most exact application possible. Anything too bright or black won't offer you a true representation of how your makeup looks in the real world. If you can find a model with adjustable brightness, that's even better; you'll be able to more exactly mimic outdoor light, whether sunny or cloudy.


2. Rechargeable via USB.

Is there anything worse than your compact lit mirror's batteries expiring in the middle of your makeup application—especially if you're out of AAs? To prevent this situation, search for choices that are USB rechargeable and may be used while plugged in. They'll have the same flexibility and mobility as battery-powered choices, but you won't be stuck applying cosmetics in the dark if you forget to charge them first.

3. Looking for a sleek design?

You don't want to put something clumsy on your vanity? Thankfully, there are a variety of compact lit mirrors available that are considerably more stylish. If you need angling side panels for accurate winged eyeliner and false lash application, for example, opt for models with foldable panels to save space

4. Do lighted compact mirrors work well?

Do you want to buy an illuminated compact mirror but aren't sure? They're completely worth it, according to Urban Decay's Global Makeup Artist Steve Kassajikian, and make applying makeup a lot easier. He says, "I enjoy them, especially in a space or place where the illumination is dim or overhead." “They are quite helpful when it comes to applying makeup.”

5. Are LED lights the best for a compact mirror? 

When it comes to which kind of compact lit mirrors are ideal, Kassajikian recommends versions with LED lights. He claims that LED lights will provide a more natural reflection without washing you out. They emit a warm white light that is as near as you can come to the sun's natural rays, which we all know is essential for a perfect appearance.


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