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What is a makeup mirror?

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What is a makeup mirror?

A mirror is an object with a smooth surface and the ability to reflect light. The most common mirror is a flat mirror, which is often used by people to organize their appearance. The user cannot see his face using an ordinary mirror at night or in dim conditions, and it is very inconvenient to put on makeup. In addition, people of different heights have different requirements for the installation height of the makeup mirror. In addition, the inability of the makeup mirror to rotate after being fixed not only takes up space but is also inconvenient to see the specific position of the face that the user wants to see. The FASCINATE mirror of our company solves the above problems well. How much do you know about makeup mirrors?

Here is the list of the article:

  • What are the characteristics of FASCINATE mirror?

  • How many kinds of makeup mirrors are there in our company?

  • How to maintain a makeup mirror?

What are the characteristics of FASCINATE mirror?

Generally speaking, every kind of FASCINATE mirror in our company has an elegant appearance and they all support stepless dimming. Besides, the 3-color lights guarantee the effects on different occasions.

The lighted FASCINATE mirror is very practical. Girls who love makeup should know that when the room light is dark, or when the indoor light is not bright enough, the color on the skin will be different from the actual color, and the effect of makeup will be greatly reduced. At this time, if you choose a mirror with a makeup mirror lamp, the portrait in the mirror will be clearer and clearer, and it will be more convenient for makeup.

How many kinds of makeup mirrors are there in our company?

As a company specializing in the production of makeup mirrors with lights, we have developed many types of makeup mirrors. Our company’s makeup mirrors include Ballet Mirror, YoYo Mirror, Jiujiu Mirror, Moon Mirror, Q mirror, Hollywood Mirror, and IPad Mirror. If you want to know more about these FASCINATE mirrors, you can read other articles of our company, or browse our company's homepage, where there is a detailed introduction.

How to maintain a makeup mirror?

The FASCINATE mirror is exposed to the air all the time, so there is often dust on the mirror surface. So how to clean and maintain the FASCINATE mirror?

1. The cleaning of the FASCINATE mirror is relatively simple. Generally, wipe the mirror surface with a damp cloth to clean up the dust. If there are some other stains, they can be cleaned with detergent and then wiped dry. The effect of newspapers is better.

2. Frequently clean up the dust and keep the mirror clean and bright. Since it is used for makeup, avoid splashing some cosmetics on the mirror surface to form stains. In addition, the mirror, as a fragile product, must avoid strong collisions and scratches with sharp objects.

Every girl should have a beautiful and practical makeup mirror to ensure that she is always delicate. If you want to buy a FASCINATE mirror, welcome to contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.


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