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What is LED Mirror Sensitivity?

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What is LED Mirror Sensitivity?

When the light level in the environment is excessively intense and causes discomfort, this is known as LED light sensitivity. This irritation can be excruciating for some people, reducing their useable eyesight even more.

1. LED Mirror Sensitivity Symptoms.

2. What Triggers LED Mirror Sensitivity?

3. How to Prevent LED Mirror Sensitivity?


1. LED Mirror Sensitivity Symptoms.

LED Mirror sensitivity symptoms are frequently associated with other underlying medical conditions such as chronic headaches, eye problems, migraines, and more. Light sensitivity symptoms vary depending on the underlying reason, but they can include the following:

Dizziness or vertigo

Excessive blinking or squinting

Eye discomfort or pain

Light intolerance

Watering or burning of the eye

Eye inflammation migraines or headache


2. What Triggers LED Mirror Sensitivity?

LED mirror sensitivity is frequently triggered by elements such as light brightness, light flickering or flashing, and light hue or wavelength.

l Brightness of Light

Photophobic people have a low tolerance for all light, but this usually gets worse as the light gets brighter. Brightness is a problem for migraine sufferers, in particular.

l Light Flickering or Flashing

The flashing or flickering of lights might aggravate the symptoms of photophobia. Furthermore, most light sources, such as fluorescents and LEDs, do not provide constant illumination. While the flashes are not visible to the naked eye, people who are photophobic are affected.

l Light Color or Wavelength

Most people who are sensitive to light only react to specific wavelengths in the blue-green range. Photosensitive individuals will almost certainly react to light bulbs that generate a cooler shade of white and the blue-white spectrum.


3. How to Prevent LED Mirror Sensitivity?

While there is no medical treatment for LED light sensitivity, there are certain preventative measures you may take to alleviate and regulate the symptoms, such as utilizing lower lighting intensity, warmer toned LED light bulbs, or a smart bulb.

Lower Lighting Intensity

Dimmer switches, diffusers, and drapes can be used to reduce illumination intensity. It's also a good idea to buy a bulb with a lower brightness rating.

Warmer Toned LED Light Bulbs

Warmer-toned LED light bulbs are another technique to prevent and reduce light sensitivity. Warm and golden colours are available in the 2,000 to 3,000 Kelvin range.

Smart Bulb

A smart bulb can also be used. Experiment with different lighting intensities and colors until you discover the one that seems most natural to you.


LED makeup mirrors are not harmful to the eyes if the color temperature is warm white and you do not gaze at the light for long periods. Warm white LED lighting is also softer and more diffuse than blue or cool white lighting, making it safer for the eyes.


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