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What factors need to be focused on during choosing a cosmetic mirror?

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What factors need to be focused on during choosing a cosmetic mirror?

The cosmetic mirror can help you look your best every day. More than that: it is the key to determining whether your cosmetics and hair products provide the benefits you seek or are appropriate. You don’t want to waste your time and money for lack of a good  cosmetic mirror. So, you need to focus on these in the following tips.

What factors need to be focused on during choosing a cosmetic mirror?

What factors need to be focused on during choosing a cosmetic mirror?

As always, the same, measurement is the important key. How far is it from the wall to the edge of the counter? What height will the users’ faces be: will they be standing or sitting? Compared with these measurements to the cosmetic mirror you are looking at, and remember the radius of the swingarm. Will it stop it from getting where it needs to be, or will the arm block other objects? This may sound tedious, but it’s better than reinstalling and drilling all over the wall. The following tips you need to focus on:

① Wall-mounted cosmetic mirrors should extend to the edge of counters or dressers to prevent the user from having to tilt excessively. No one should pull their neck to look good.

② If you want to mount it on the wall behind the counter or dresser, you may need a cosmetic mirror with a double extension arm that can be extended far enough to prevent discomfort. Single-arm mirrors are usually sufficient for mounting to the side walls.

③ Hardwiring or plugins? The latter is easy and convenient, yes, but who likes looking at wires these days? That being said, unless you’re an electrician, installing hard-wired units will take time and money.

④ The light:Once you determine your location and installation, lighting is the next major issue. In general, natural light is best, but when it comes to our makeup or hair, we rarely have this luxury. Most bathrooms don’t have Windows to allow plenty of light into the room, or your daily routine may start at 4 a.m. when it‘s still dark. But don’t panic in any case, many stylists recommend using more than one light source for best results.

Using a cosmetic mirror, but it’s really an essential part of the whole process. Anyone who's ever used one of these stick-on locker mirrors between classes or after a gym class can attest that a poor-quality mirror can tell the difference between a foundation that’s flawless and one that’s streaky or wrinkled around the edges.

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