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What are the different shapes of the makeup mirror?

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What are the different shapes of the makeup mirror?

Today, as for different demands of fashionable people, manufacturers produced different shapes of makeup mirrors for different people. So, what are the different shapes of the makeup mirrors and what are their names come from? Don’t worry, let’s look at the following tips.

What are the different shapes of the makeup mirror?

1. The first type is the Hollywood mirror: The light bulb of this kind of makeup mirror is big and bright. The DP330 is equipped with 12 light mirrors in order to greatly increase the brightness of the mirror. The producer also adds more user-friendly operations, such as 360° rotation in order to show users’ beauty from multiple angles. It is every girl's dream to have her own makeup mirror with lights and enjoy the treat of top Hollywood superstars. Turn on the high-definition light in 0.1 seconds and immediately enjoy the ultimate makeup pleasure provided by the makeup light source from the Hollywood mirror. Hollywood Mirror gives you the superstar experience! The lights of the Hollywood mirror are also placed along the edge of the mirror, with a significant difference: the bulb protrudes from the mirror’s surface. Hollywood mirrors are often used in movies and TV shows, usually in scenes where actors and actresses are preparing to put on makeup. These mirrors are also called makeup mirrors. Cold light, warm light, and natural light can be exchanged freely to balance the effects of ambient lights. Stepless dimming technology supports gentle light changes instead of making damages to your eyes. The mirror has 360° free adjustment and it’s easy to choose a comfortable angle of use. Hollywood Mirror uses the way of direct charging which is safer to use.

2. The last type is the iPad mirror which looks like an iPad. This kind of makeup mirror is portable and easy to store, stylish and thin. These are the advantages of the Pad mirror. No matter you are traveling around the world, the iPad mirror will be your own personal convenient beauty assistant. It is your second "IPAD" which cannot be missing! Because of its unique folding design, the iPad Mirror is easy to carry and store. But it still has a large 9-inch mirror. The whole face can be seen clearly in the mirror and it is easy to enjoy your personal makeup. HD daylight reduction technology can support real color display so that it can make ladies easy to create natural makeup.

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