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What Type of Mirror is Suitable for Applying Makeup

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What Type of Mirror is Suitable for Applying Makeup

Mirrors are very common things. They can be seen everywhere in homes, shopping malls and hotels etc. We all know what a mirror is, because we use it everyday. But do you really know what type of mirror you usually use for makeup?

Many people say that concave mirrors are suitable for makeup. Is it true?

Why is a concave mirror suitable for makeup?

A concave mirror has the property of creating a virtual and magnified image when the object is held between the focus and the mirror.

This kind of mirror has the function of magnifying, and when you use it to apply makeup, your facial features can be shown as clearly as possible, and you can apply makeup accurately and evenly, especially the detail areas. 

Magnifying mirror

In fact, the best vanity mirror is the kind with a concave vanity mirror, and this idea was recognized by most makeup masters!

Which mirrors in the market have concave mirrors?

Trifold Vanity Mirror

Trifold mirrors are normally equipped with different mirrors. In addition to the front of the mirror, on both sides of the door can also match mirrors, generally choose concave mirrors with different magnification. Many girls consider folding mirror is more convenient and practical in use of makeup.

Trifold Vanity Mirror

Desktop Vanity Mirror

Desktop vanity mirror, is usually a standard mirror equipped with a small size magnifying mirror (different multiples for choice). Desktop mirror is loved by young groups by its diverse and fashionable styles.

Desktop Vanity Mirror

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Pocket Vanity Mirror

Common pocket vanity mirror is divided into upper and lower mirrors. Normally it includes a standard mirror with a magnifying mirror. Smart and convenient, easy to carry with magnifying effect at the same time, the pocket mirror is usually a fashion tool for girls to do makeup outdoors!!

Pocket Vanity Mirror

In a Word

The vanity mirror with concave mirror in the market is the most suitable type to do makeup, also is favored by the fashionable groups. When purchasing a vanity mirror, be sure it is fitted with a concave mirror, which will make your makeup especially the detail areas (eye makeup, lip makeup or men's shave) more delicate!!

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