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How LED light affect your eyes?

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How LED light affect your eyes?

Many people are concerned that LED smart mirror will affect their vision. We're great lovers of illuminated cosmetic mirrors, therefore this is a topic that we'll try to explore in this piece.

Here is the main content:

1. How LED light from makeup mirrors is different?

2. What light is bad for your eyes?

1. How LED light from makeup mirrors is different?

LED smart mirror to emit a warm light, which eye specialists believe is safer for the eyes than intense blue or cool white light. These mirrors also provide enough light for grooming procedures that need precision, such as applying makeup, shaving, tweezing, and brushing teeth.

Warm Light - Warm light is provided via LED-lit mirrors. The light is also softer on the eyes because it is soft or diffused and less strong. There is no risk of long-term exposure to this type of light.

Sufficient Light - Even though the LED smart mirror is soft and diffuse, it is enough to give you a well-lit reflection when you need it. LED mirrors are perfect for applying cosmetics, shaving, brushing teeth, and other grooming duties. LED smart mirror also illuminate the area directly in front of you, making it easier to see what you're doing and preventing eye strain from bad lighting. Additionally, LED smart mirror are frequently dimmable, and the colour temperature can be adjusted to a warmer setting. This allows you to adjust the amount and temperature of light that reaches your eyes.

2. What Light is Bad for Your Eyes?

UV Light

The sun and fluorescent tube lights both emit ultraviolet light. UV rays can cause cataracts and vision impairment, according to the American Optometric Association. This is why your eyes must be shielded from UV rays on a regular and long-term basis.

Windows normally filter and prevent UV light from the sun, allowing you to enjoy natural light without being overly exposed to UV rays. A full-spectrum LED light fixture, which simulates natural light but does not create UV radiation, is another approach to get warm light without UV rays. LEDs should also be used to replace UV-producing fluorescent tube lights.

When heading outside, make sure to wear UV-protective caps or headgear, as well as sunglasses. You can also use an umbrella with a UV-reflective covering to protect yourself from the sun. It's crucial to remember that even if the sky is gloomy, UV radiation can still harm your eyes.

l Blue Light

Electronic equipment such as laptops, tablets, cellphones, and televisions emit blue light, which is a cool light. As previously said, this type of light can be hazardous to your eyes in excessive doses and if you are exposed to it for a lengthy period.

When going out, it's important to wear sunglasses and take periodic screen breaks to limit the effects of high-intensity blue light and preserve good eye health.      You should also make sure that the spaces where you work and groom are well-lit with natural, pleasant lighting. We've also written about the optimal lighting for a vanity mirror in this article. You can read the article for further information and advice on the subject.

If you don't have access to natural light from the sun, you can use warm-lighting LED light fixtures.

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