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FASCINATE LED Pocket Mirror - Keep Your Delicate Makeup Anytime,Anywhere!

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FASCINATE LED Pocket Mirror - Keep Your Delicate Makeup Anytime,Anywhere!

Although the mobile phone can see our face now, it can't clearly reflect the details of our facial makeup. We still need a clearer, more practical and more fashionable mirror. It allows us to fix our makeup anytime and anywhere!! FASCINATE Q Mirror is launched into the market. What features does it have?  Let's take a closer look at it!

LED compact mirror

LED compact mirror

It can be one of your fashion items!

FASCINATE LED pocket mirror with weight only 105.5g, has four colors of Macaron. The thickness of the mirror is only 13.5mm. With such a thin and light body, it can be easily carried out for travel. You can put the Q Mirror into your bag or your pocket, without taking much place.

LED compact mirror

HD Mirror with a standard mirror and a 3X magnifying mirror on each side.

This lighted compact mirror is configured with a high-definition mirror, real and clear image. The mirror is equipped with high quality bright light beads. A standard mirror on one side and a 3x magnifying mirror on the other side provide clearer details for easy make-up remediation.

LED compact mirror

Uniform light source, soft light without dazzling.

Light source must be good enough when you are applying makeup!! the light source of the FASCINATE LED pocket mirror shows 360° average light ring, which is soft and no dazzling even when you are looking at the mirror directly. 

LED compact mirror

Stepless dimming & Adjust as you like

Imagine that when you makeup, the FASCINATE Q Mirror can be adjusted to different brightness levels to adapt to different ambient light. It really illuminates the contours of your face, and you don't have to worry about the light affecting your beauty.This is the perfect mirror you need.

LED compact mirror

USB charging with working time lasts for a week.

The FASCINATE LED pocket mirror is charged by USB. One time charge can basically meet the use needs of a week. Q Mirror keeps you in the spotlight all the time.

Now FASCINATE LED pocket mirror have been launched in the United States, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc. If you need a LED pocket mirror ( with magnifying mirror ), you can click on FASCINATE's official website to know more about FASCINATE Q mirrors: Q Mirror - LED Pocket Makeup Mirror from China manufacturer - Fascinate (


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