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Are the makeup mirror bad for your eyes?

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Are the makeup mirror bad for your eyes?

As a lot of people start to use makeup mirrors, they may consider whether this kind of mirror is bad for their eyes. We are interested in the makeup mirrors with lights. So, this topic is important to us and we will do our best to discuss it in this article.

Are the makeup mirror bad for your eyes?

How the led lights damage your eyes?

What are the differences?

Are the makeup mirror bad for your eyes?

Our makeup mirrors harmful to the eyes? No, if you use them carefully and don’t look at the lights for long periods of time. While the bright, high-intensity blue light emitted by light devices can be harmful to eye health, the makeup mirrors emit different lights.

How the led lights damage your eyes?

The whiter or colder the light in lighting, the higher the proportion of blue in its color spectrum. This light could be potentially dangerous to eye health. Eye experts also report that long-term exposure to blue light emitted by screens from electronic devices such as smartphones and computer screens can cause a condition called computer vision syndrome. In addition to being harmful to the eyes, prolonged exposure to blue light can also disrupt sleep, which is why sleep experts recommend limiting screen time before bed or using blue light filters that are already installed in electronic devices.

What are the differences?

Makeup mirrors give off a warm light, which ophthalmologists say is safer for the eyes than bright blue or cool white light. The makeup mirrors also provide ample illumination for beauty tasks that require attention to detail, such as makeup, shaving, tweezing, and cleaning teeth.

① Warm light: Makeup mirrors with lights provide warm lights. The light is also soft or diffuse, less intense,and gentler to the eye. Exposure to this light for a long time is not dangerous.

② Plenty of light: Even if the makeup mirror with lights is soft and diffuse, it is enough to provide you with a light rich reflection when you need it. That's why these mirrors are ideal for makeup, shaving, teeth cleaning and other beauty tasks. The makeup mirror also illuminates the area in front of you, making it easier to see what you're doing and preventing eye strain caused by poor light.

③ In addition, makeup mirrors are usually dimmable, and you can adjust the color temperature to a warmer setting. This allows you to control the amount and temperature of light hitting your eyes.

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