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A New Chapter For Fascinate - JianYuanDa Mirror

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A New Chapter For Fascinate - JianYuanDa Mirror

Shenzhen JianYuanDa Mirror Technology Co., Ltd, the parent company of the FASCINATE brand, held a grand groundbreaking ceremony in Zhongshan Industrial Park on March 28th, 2021. It stands for that the top mirror manufacturer and brand operator has opened a new chapter of development. The vision of “Building the Kingdom of Mirror” is being accelerated!


Zhongshan city adjacent to Guangzhou, is famous for LED industry with a perfect manufacturing industry chain. With the unique and advanced manufacturing advantages of Zhongshan City, FASCINATE - JianYuanDa Mirror will absorb the top technical resources in the LED industry to realize its own accelerated development. The new Zhongshan Industrial Park covers an area of about 100,000 square meters! It will be more conducive to large-scale production. It is conservatively estimated that the future will create about 5 billion output value!


FASCINATE - JianYuanDa Mirror will launch more production lines to meet the rapidly growing demand of makeup mirror business. Meanwhile, the home decoration mirrors production will also get a more comprehensive release and development here. We will realize the control of the whole process from large glass cutting to the final product. 


In addition, the new park will be equipped with the industry's top production equipment. We will comprehensively optimize the production process, deeply strengthen the core competitiveness of the home decoration mirror product line from Quality, Delivery and Cost. Always provide customers with high quality and high specification mirror product experience!

Working in a comfortable environment, employees will also be more passionate and confident. For the industry layout in the next 10 years, FASCINATE - JianYuanDa Mirror has taken a big step forward!


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